Figs with honey, toasted almonds and goats curd on toast

Figs with honey, toasted almonds and goats curd on toast

My darling boss bought a purple plastic jack-o-lantern to work the other day. I was thrilled to see it was full of lovely plump figs from the tree in her garden. She told a lovely story about it, explaining that her Labrador eats all the figs he can get at, so anything within the height of a Labrador’s bound is gone, and the dog has dreadful farts, but the fruits of the rest of the tree are up for grabs. When I lived in West Brunswick I had two lovely big fig trees that I miss dreadfully. Figs must surely be one of the great joys of the coming autumn. If they last that long, I love to eat them sliced on toast with honey and goats curd. It can also be delicious with good ricotta cheese, or even cream cheese, but is truly divine with this fabulous goat’s curd I buy from Capra, a small cheese maker based in eastern Victoria. A very dear friend of mine lives at the base of the Grampians in western Victoria. I visited her last weekend and she gave me the most delicious home-grown honey. We discovered a wonderful nut farm and cafe in Moyston called Grampians Grove. I bought some almonds from them. So, this particular dish is a delicious homage to fine ingredients, fine friends and fond memories.

Grampians National Park, as seen from Moyston.

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One Response to Figs with honey, toasted almonds and goats curd on toast

  1. languagelynx says:

    That sounds amazing Susan! Our labrador was the same with the nectarine tree … same farts too I suspect!

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