Salad of cress, grilled peach, prosciutto, and goats cheese

Salad of cress, grilled peach, prosciutto and goats cheese

I was very excited this morning to see some late season peaches at the market. I adore peaches, and having grown up with my grandfather’s home grown stone fruit, I am so often disappointed by the produce available on the modern market. My grandparents are Tasmanian, and my grandfather is the son of an orchardist. He grew up in the spectacular Huon Valley, famous for its apples, pears and stone fruits. They don’t grow anywhere near as many as they used to down there these days, but those they do grow are always spectacular. I spent ANZAC Day with my grandfather in Cygnet last year, something I had been wanting to do for years. I am accustomed to being served very mediocre food on ANZAC Day, and expected the same on this occasion. I say though, the apple crumble they served for dessert at the Cygnet RSL was fantastic! When I commented to grandpa, he said cheekily ‘of course! Its Cygnet apples, nothing else would do here!’ I decided to match today’s peaches, in a salad for lunch, with some lovely local prosciutto, organic cress I picked up at Choku Bai Jo on the way home, and Allegro – a firm, fresh chèvre from the makers of fabulous organic goats cheese, Capra.

 Serve 1

1/2 cup cress leaves
3 or 4 slices prosciutto
1 Small peach
20 Grams (approx) firm goats cheese
    Good quality olive oil

'Allegro' by Capra Organic Goats Cheese

 To prepare the peaches, slice them away from the stone in wedges. Lightly brush them with olive oil. Grill them on a hot skillet till char gill marks are dark, turn and repeat on the other side. Remove from pan.

To assemble salad, arrange some cress leaves on the plate. Break the cheese into small pieces. Scatter some pieces over the cress leaves. Cut the prosciutto slices into four smaller pieces, each with some fat. I like to roll these up into (not very rose-like) rosettes, but you can just scatter the slices throughout. Build up the layers of the salad with grilled peach pieces, more cress, cheese, and prosciutto rosettes. Finally, scatter over some verjuice and good quality olive oil to dress the salad.

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