An important stop in Sydney

In the Sydney versus Melbourne debate, my vote has always been with Melbourne. Having spent many of my formative years in Melbourne, I have a deep and passionate affiliation with the subcultures and food of Melbourne. Over the years, I was increasingly bought into Sydney for work and I had to teach myself to appreciate what Australia’s largest city has to offer. Several years back now, I was walking from Darling Harbour, up Erskine Street, to Martin Place to visit a friend. Imagine my joy when I passed by a spectacular rustic French style bakery. My first purchase, and subsequent love affair, is with the simply divine pork and fennel sausage rolls. Not normally being a pie and sausage roll kind of gal, that certainly says something about the goods on offer at the Central Baking Depot. Since that fateful day, I make great effort to visit that bakery whenever I am in Sydney. I have come to discover that it is the child of a more famous Bourke Street Bakery (that I have never visited). A friend of ours has always loved the parent bakery so I often make the effort to bring some baked goods back to Canberra for her too. Her favourite is the date and walnut loaf. My partner and I both adore the potato, rosemary and nigella seed loaf. It is a meal in one loaf! Unfortunately, it is baked on Tuesdays, not Wednesdays. In my purchases today, I ended up with a date and walnut loaf, the dramatic seeded sourdough baguette, a slice of the incredible looking peach and raspberry buttercake, and a salad (for my lunch).

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