Wining and dining at Aria

Wow. What an evening. It seems I have been developing a list of Australian restaurants at which I would like to dine. Aria has been on that list. Having worked a couple of weekends in a row, I have been very glad to take some time off in lieu. I was very excited to get tickets to see The Magic Flute at the Sydney Opera House. To make a truly spectacular evening, I knew I should go to Aria. What a splurge!

Duck consomme

I hoped you might be interested in the wonderful meal I had. I started with the duck consommé, a rich, earthy broth with delightfully slippery mushrooms. It came with sliced mushrooms, shaved abalone and duck dumplings.


For mains I had the Mulloway. It smelled divine and looked incredible. It had the tiniest of cress leaves that looked like miniature lily pads, a zucchini flower, little curls of zucchini and the sweetest, smoothest pea puree you can imagine. The fish was luscious, soft on the tongue. It fell apart under the fork, and was sweet like fish I’d reeled in myself with my grandpa. They had crisped the skin to perfection and finished the plate with a spectacular sweet cooked slice of lemon.

‘Strawberries and Cream’

'Strawberries and Cream' no more

I have to say however, the piece de resistance was dessert. I ordered Strawberries and Cream.  Imagine my joy when five little cylinders of panna cotta arrived, each with a wee little pile of bright green pistachios. The balsamic strawberries were perfection in the making and the two scoops of strawberry sorbet were so fine and sweet I really must do a better job of making it myself. I noticeably cleared the plate clean. When I looked up a flock of birds was flying over the Sydney Opera House, almost in time to the music playing in the restaurant . The Sydney Harbour Bridge was at my left, I couldn’t help but think this was truly a bucket list evening. It was beautiful.

I took the petit fours home for my partner.

Petit Fours - green apple jelly, coconut macaroon and malt truffle

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