Chai my way

As a non-coffee drinker, I really do drink a lot of tea. Tea every way it comes. At work, I have a set of three stackable tins for my tea. The black stack contains my black teas. The purple stack contains my fruit based teas. The silver stack contains my non black teas, white tea, Buddha’s tears, etc. Well before it was available in at Gloria Jeans, I fell in love with Chai. When I went to Bangladesh, I was very sad to learn that the spicy tea from the nation’s larger neighbour was not on offer. When I went out to break my fast with local street food, I would purchase a chapatti, an egg, one each for the street woman who would beg, and a teacup of steaming tea sweetened with condensed milk. I have taken to making my own chai at home. I have a favourite blend of spices that I chop or roughly pound with the mortar and pestle and add to a broad leave tea with a rich flavour. I have no measurements, but add a mix of all the spices to the recycled jar that substitutes for a tea tin. To get the balance of flavours right, I smell the jar and add whatever I feel is missing. When I feel like treating myself to a cup of this spiced milky goodness, I pour about a tablespoon into my milk saucepan with a spoonful of honey and a cupful of milk. I simmer that mix till the tea is brewed and pour it into my favourite tumbler through a tea strainer and top up with a little fresh milk. Drink. Delicious!

chai spice (star anise, cardamon pod, cinnamon quills, cloves, vanilla beans)

chai mix (chai spice with strong, broad leaf tea)

chai (chai mix brewed in milk with honey)

my regular breakfast stall in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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1 Response to Chai my way

  1. floutsam says:

    I love a good cup of Chai. Can you share your secret recipe?

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