Wow, confit duck is delicious!

crispied confit duck with pan gravy, baby kipflers and other vegetables

We haven’t yet eaten our way through the duck I bought the week before last. I finished the soup I made from the stock. I made a fabulous, very traditional Italian pasta sauce with the wings. That turned out beautifully. Because there is so much more meat on duck wings, it was plenty for the two of us. I simply browned them in a pan simply added a little white wine, some passata and a pinch each of some dried herbs. Cooked slowly, bubbling away for a few hours, the meat became tender and fell apart when I pulled at it. I pulled it off the bone, and flaked it into the sauce. Heavens, it was so mellow and sweet. Well this evening, I crispied up the confit I made. Heavens above! It was delicious! I simply removed the legs from the zip lock bag I’d frozen them in, scraped away the fat I’d smothered it in, reserved the savoury jelly that had fallen to the bottom, and placed the legs in a baking dish in a hot oven.

organic potatoes at the market

There were some lovely baby kipflers at market on Saturday, I rubbed them with a little of the remnant duck fat and added them to the pan with some golden pieces of pumpkin. Crisping away in the oven, I mixed a little cornflour with the reserved savoury jelly. When the contents of the oven had turned golden and crisp, I took served up teh duck and roast veg. In the pan, I added some white wine, the jelly mix, and smashed up one piece of the roast pumpkin to make heavenly pan gravy. With a few green beans on the plate, and a drizzle of gravy I was done! The first bite melted in my mouth, the tenderness and wonderfully savoury flavour blew my mind. Wow, confit duck is delicious!

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