Divine Hot Chocolate

Divine Hot Chocolate

I was first inspired by divine hot chocolate when a Colombian friend of mine introduced me to the specific blocks of chocolate grainy with sugar made and used in Colombia. He melted the chocolate in milk, bringing it to a simmer three times before serving. It was an incredibly memorable moment. It is quite an extravagance, hot chocolate made with blocks of chocolate. I experimented for a while, making it with Lindtt. But when I made the decision to only purchase Fair Trade chocolate, I found myself making divine hot chocolate with the very rich, 70% cocoa chocolate produced by Green & Black’s. Having considered myself a chocoholic for many years, the thought increasing expense of Fair Trade chocolate was quite a shock. But the high quality of Fair Trade chocolate means my cravings are satiated with far less of the treasured treat. Where once I would have demolished a whole block, I am easily satisfied with one row of Green & Black’s and rarely eat more than half the block. At 100 grams per block, it represents a relatively modest consumption of calories. When I make hot chocolate, I use half a block per serve. In addition to this recipe, I make a rose and white chocolate drink, which is positively dreamy. But I think that’s a story for another time. This recipe is all about quality ingredients.

Serves 1

50 grams Green & Blacks Fair Trade, 70% cocoa chocolate
280 millilitres good quality milk (I use local organic milk)
1 teaspoon caster sugar
4 drops vanilla extract

Break up the chocolate into its pieces. Combine in a milk saucepan with all other ingredients. On a medium heat, melt the chocolate stirring with a whisk. You will need to heat the mixture beyond merely melting the chocolate. You will see that the chocolate initially melts into small droplets, but if you continue stirring and heating it, the chocolate will dissolve entirely and the mixture will become a rich chocolate delicacy. Pour into your favourite cup, mug or tumbler. Top up the vessel with fresh milk. Serve immediately and enjoy immensely.

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