Linguine with pumpkin, sage and speck

Linguine with pumpkin, sage and speck

Coming home from work late this evening, I really wanted something much more mellow that the bacon chilli tomato pasta I had promised my partner. When I noticed the lovely golden pumpkin in the crisper, I came up with the pumpkin, bacon and sage combination. It was simple, delicious and definitely filled the mellow requirement. Pumpkin and sage is one of my favourite flavour combinations and I thought the smokiness and crispness from the speck would contrast well. I keep a sage bush on my windowsill. It is one of the few herbs that doesn’t seem to struggle in the cold of my Canberra kitchen. I used sage in a range of different ways in this recipe. Dried sage was added throughout the cooking process and I garnished with both crispy fried sage and fresh leaves.

Serves 2

300 grams linguine
1 clove garlic, crushed
300 grams pumpkin, chopped into small pieces
½ teaspoon dried sage
12   fresh sage leaves
50 grams speck, diced
1/4 cup verjuice
1/4 cup cream
1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese
  to taste sea salt and fresh ground black pepper

Cook pasta to packet directions. In a medium sized frying pan on mid-high heat, crisp the speck, add pumpkin pieces, half the dried sage and garlic. Cook on a high heat, tossing till golden on the outside and just cooked through. Add cream to pan and bring to a simmer. Add the remaining dried sage and verjuice. Drain pasta. Add pumpkin sauce to pasta, stir through grated parmesan cheese and season to taste. Wipe out the frying pan, heat a little olive oil in the pan and fry half the sage leaves till crispy. Serve the pasta and sauce. Garnish with crispy sage and fresh sage leaves.

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