Rose and white hot chocolate

Rose and white hot chocolate

This is such a great winter warmer. I first came up with this recipe when I was living in China. That was the first place I saw rose petal tea, and the one brand of edible chocolate I could get my hands on made a good bar of white chocolate too. These days I use half a block of the organic fair trade white chocolate Green & Blacks make. Its thick with vanilla seeds and is quite heavenly.

Serves 1

2 tablespoons rose petal tea
50 grams fair trade white chocolate
1 cup milk

Break the chocolate into pieces, place in small saucepan with milk and heat on low temperature, stirring with a whisk. You need to heat the chocolate and milk for longer than it takes to simply melt the chocolate to ensure the mix emulsifies.

Meanwhile, brew the rose petal tea with just enough water to produce about half a cup of concentrated tea. I use a coffee plunger I keep just for this purpose (not wanting a coffee residue in this drink). I pour the boiled water over the leaves, ensure they all get wet then plunge almost right away because the rose tea will get bitter the longer you brew it.

Combine the white chocolate mix and rose concentrate and pour into a mug. Serve immediately. Enjoy!

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