Calling all bergamot, where aarrrreee yoouuu?

You may have figured I’m a tea drinker. I love tea in a million different ways that it comes. On my desk at work, I keep 3 sets of stackable tins: a black stack, purple and silver. In my black stack, I have three different black based teas: French Early Grey, Melbourne Breakfast and Chai. In the purple stack I have three different fruit and herbal teas: Botanica, Moroccan Mint and rose petals. In the silver, I have non black teas: white tea, Buddha’s Tears, and a jasmine pear and green tea. These days, in the mornings I like to take a Melbourne Breakfast tea with milk and sugar. It’s a rich, vanilla scented tea that welcomes me into the day. You have already seen how I use the rose petal tea in my white hot chocolate, but my mind is becoming more adventurous with my creative use of teas in cooking.

I have decided I want to make Earl Grey cupcakes with cream cheese and bergamot frosting. I am very excited about the idea and have been thinking about the different ways I could create such goodies. The problem is though, I’m having great trouble finding bergamot! I saw on television a few weeks ago, a Cypriot woman cooking with bergamot and got quite excited by it. I understand the fruit is endemic in southern Italy and is popular around the Mediterranean, but I want to find it in Australia. While I would like the whole fruit, I don’t think it’s the right season and recognise a range of other challenges to that idea. I would happily suffice with some culinary grade bergamot oil, and some candied bergamot peel. I have looked in all my usual haunts, and have sent emails across the country. But so far, I’ve had no luck. If you can help me, please feel free. Otherwise, wish me luck in search for the elusive bergamot.

“I came into some bergamots. Like an inheritance, four gleaming orbs showed up one day unexpectedly, their pocked skins sending missiles of mouthwatering spray into the air. Visions of bergamot gumdrops danced in my head, my imagination sparked by that familiar floral perfume.” – Purple House Dirt

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