Yum yum in my tum duck linguine

duck linguine

Traditionally, pasta sauce in Italy is made with a cheap cut of meat, simmered for hours in the tomato sauce. The pasta is served first, with the tomato sauce. The piece of meat is served next and the meal usually ends with a simple salad. I’ve found this to be a lovely way to make the most of some otherwise difficult cuts. In this case, it’s a great way to use the wings from the duck. This is a super simple dish that tastes sensational.

Serves 2

2   duck wings
3/4 cup white wine
1/8 teaspoon celery seeds
1/8 teaspoon fennel seeds
240 gram tin of cherry tomatoes
200 grams linguine, cooked to packet directions

Heat a small frying (that has a lid). Chop the wings into three pieces at the joints. When pan is hot, place duck skin side down in the pan and cook till the fat renders out and skin begins to crisp. Turn the duck pieces and brown all over. Add celery and fennel seeds to the pan to toast. Add the white wine, simmering to evaporate the alcohol, then add the tin of tomatoes. Cover and simmer slowly until the meat falls off the bones of the duck. Remove the lid and simmer to reduce sauce to a thick consistency. Remove the duck pieces from the sauce. Remove the duck meat from the bones and return to the pan. Add linguine to the sauce, combine and heat through. Serve immediately with a little grated parmesan cheese, if desired.

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