Salad with lemon and rosemary smoked chicken and bocconcini

Salad with lemon and rosemary smoked chicken breasts and torn bocconcini

Ahh, Easter Sunday! We had chocolate eggs in bed this morning. Mine was made from Australian grown cocoa beans, with low food miles. it was gold. I had some lovely Easter SMSs too. We went to Dad’s for lunch yesterday and had a lovely Indonesian/Australian feast with home-grown salad, prawns, corncakes and betel nut crackers. For lunch today with just the two of us, I’m making a lovely salad with the lemon and rosemary smoked chicken breasts I made, some torn bocconcini and the lovely salad mix from Choku Bai Jo. I want to thinly shave the chicken breasts so we have ribbons of chicken through the salad. The salad mix has some lovely flowers through it so it should be quite a prescious salad with a little lemon juice squeezed over it.

Serves 2

1 smoked chicken breast
2 cups salad mix
3 bocconcini
lemon juice
chilli infused olive oil
salt and pepper

Thinly slice the chicken breast into long strips. Tear the bocconcini with its natural ‘grain.’ Combine the salad mix, bocconcini pieces and chicken slices in a mixing bowl. Divide between two serving plates, arranging the chicken in curls. Squeeze over the juice from a quarter of a lemon, drizzle a little chilli oil to taste (if you haven’t any chilli oil, good quality olive oil will suffice). Season with salt and pepper.

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1 Response to Salad with lemon and rosemary smoked chicken and bocconcini

  1. Mark Di Cesare says:

    OMG. This is with out a doubt the single most incredible salad I have ever eaten in my entire lifetime. I felt guilty eating it, like I was eating a Caesar Salad or something but it was chock full of earthy goodness, with little food miles and no processing. (apart from Susan smokin’ da chicken).
    The smoked chicken contained flavours I can bearly describe. Because Susan made a kind of poultice from the branch of a lemon tree and a sprig of rosemary which was added to the coals for smoking, the chicken breast had a flavour that I have only every tasted in Peru. The earthyness of the salad greens, (with flowers) combined with the sweetness of the bocconcini enhanced and captured the essence of the dish. If Easter is about re-birth then this meal encapsulates that spirit in just how wonderful it is to eat food that has gone from the ground to the table without passing through more than two or three pairs of hands, (strange analogy I know but think about it). I could surely eat something like this everyday of my life and never become tired of it. YUM.

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