Great produce near Great Western

I have a friend that writes a great blog called Language | Lynx, “for those of us who like to feel, grow vegies, write, keep chooks, read, raise children, think”. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to grow vegies or keep chooks, but I do so value the produce from friends that can. On a recent trip to Victoria, I was lucky enough to spend some time out west with a dear friend who lives at the base of the Grampians. There is some great produce out there. In Great Western, we stopped in at the Seppelt’s Cellar Door for me to collect some of their famous Sparkling Shiraz to celebrate a friend’s engagement. I was lucky enough to score some walnuts from a tree belonging to a friend of ours. I am so looking forward to making them into something yummy, but haven’t yet decided what. I’ll be sure to keep you updated though.

I was very excited when her lovely parents bought around some spectacularly ripe tomatoes. They also bought half a pumpkin that was gleaming gold, I’m sure it will make delicious soup. But those tomatoes smelled so sweet and rich, ripe to bursting! A cool autumn morning, we decided to have them under grilled cheese on toast. When I was in school, the family of a friend of mine made the most incredible zucchini relish with their home grown vegetables. Oh how I loved it so! On this occasion, I was VERY excited to see that my friend had some zucchini relish that looked very similar to that of my memory. Indeed, her neighbour makes it, and sells it in the Moyston Post Office. If you should be passing through town, I commend it to you. She was right, it was delicious with ham. We spread it on toast, split open the cherry tomatoes, layered on some ham and grilled a slice of cheddar on top to golden perfection. It was a truly heavenly Autumn treat.

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