Some joys of Melbourne

I love Melbourne. In the Sydney versus Melbourne debate, Melbourne wins hands down for me. Sadly, I don’t get to visit nearly as often as I’d like. But I was lucky enough to have a few days there recently. While I didn’t get as much time with some friends as I’d have liked, I did get introduced to some wonderful treats.

'Signature Dark' chocolate waffle and rooibos chai latte from Cacao Green

I was introduced to Cacao Green more than a year ago now. They make incredible organic frozen yoghurt with healthy fruit, nut, or cereal toppings. They also have organic chocolate and great hot beverages. I thought I had a craving for a yoghurt breakfast and made my way to a newish store on Bourke Street, just up from the mall. But instead of yoghurt, I found myself ordering the ‘Signature Dark’ chocolate waffle that comes with chocolate sauce, walnuts and almonds. Gosh it was heavenly, as was the rooibos chai latte I ordered with it. Rooibos and chai spice are such a naturally great combo, the South African ‘Honeybush’ is delicious at the worst of times, but works exceedingly well in a chai.

From there, a dear friend of mine introduced me to a little piece of heaven on Bourke Street, right near Spencer Street/Southern Cross train station. Kinfolk is a social enterprise, run as any other for profit business. It is a funky little cafe that invests all profit back into a range of development projects in Australia and internationally. At the end of a meal, you are allocated a coffee bean with which to vote on where you want your portion of the profit to go. You can support a youth education project in Rwanda, an anti-slavery program in Ghana, a literacy and non-truancy program for indigenous youth on Palm Island, or homeless people in Melbourne. The food is delicious, made with locally sourced and sustainable produce. I ordered from the specials board, a toastie of corned beef, gruyere cheese, cauliflower and capers. It was delicious. I shared a pot of brewed chai tea with my friend. It was equally fantastic. I was super impressed by the funky outdoor setting with potted herbs, right outside the Bourke and Spencer Street tram stop. The decor pays tribute to the history of the original building, adding a dashing serve of flair.  Kinfolk is a little slice of heaven in the most unlikely location. It had a great vibe, great food, a great cause. Now I know it’s there, I will spend as much time there as possible. It’s a very handy hangout so close to Southern Cross station. I would suggest you make a habit of it too.

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