Figs with yoghurt and honey

Figs with yoghurt and honey

Food is medicine. This dish is a delicious breakfast for anyone, but is also a cunningly disguised ‘prescription’. I have been incredibly ill over the last week and spent several days in hospital. The doctors had me fasting for two days, drip feeding me a veritable garden of antibiotics, and bucket loads of painkillers (including the highly acclaimed morphine). Though I’m starting to recover, my body is in disarray. I am happy to be home again, to nourish myself and recover in my own space. In addition to food that will assist the work of my ongoing medication, bringing me back to health with a friends’ delicious vegetable soup, and a batch of Nonna’s chicken noodle soup (made with wholemeal spelt pasta, available at Choku Bai Jo and other good delis, instead of the usual white wheat noodles), I am medicating myself with food that will rectify the side effects of all this medication. Yoghurt with live cultures, especially acidophilus and bifida, return the friendly bacteria to the stomach that antibiotics often kill along with the bad ones. My favourite local diary, Country Valley won gold at the Sydney show for their great yoghurt, but I often get Jalna yoghurt and many companies now use live cultures in their yoghurts. Honey is full of naturally occurring vitamins, and I try to use a raw (unheated) honey to ensure all of this goodness remains. Commercial honey is often heat treated during processing, so I was very glad to have some home grown honey in my cupboard. Still a little nauseous, I’m finding it’s also important to get energy in, without so much food. Figs, glorious figs, while being food of the gods, and simply divine, are also incredibly high in fibre, thereby counteracting some unwanted side effects of those pain-killers. This would have also been delicious with some sliced macadamia nuts on top, but I wasn’t up for that today. I hope you can enjoy a delicious breakfast like this, and next time your under the weather, consider the medicinal value of food to bring you back to health in a much more culinary manner. xoS

Serves 1 (not very hungry person, or as a delicious topping to ½ cup cereal)

1-2   fresh figs
2 tablespoons natural yoghurt
2 teaspoons raw honey

Slice the fig into quarters. Scoop the yoghurt into the serving bowl, reserving a little. Arrange fig on top. Dollop the last of the yoghurt in the middle of the fig. Drizzle the honey over the top. Serve immediately.

Figs with yoghurt, honey and cinnamon toasted macadamia nuts


Post Script

This morning I realised I still had some cinnamon toasted macadamia pieces in the fridge from the pancakes with banana, blueberry and cider reduction I made way back. Up to a tablespoon of those added to the top of this dish made it truly divine. I would really recommend it. You could probably get the same effect by chopping up some shop bought cinnamon roasted macadamias.


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