The purple Jesus potato and his friends the knobbly vegetable people

The purple Jesus potato

At the farmers’ market last week, I was very excited to see Kalyarni Natural Farm selling two of my favourite varieties of potato. They were selling the delicious Tasmanian Pink Eyes, but had sadly sold out by the time of my arrival. They were also selling the incredibly exciting Congo Purple which has a deep purple colour to both the flesh and the skin. It makes the most fabulously purple coloured mash! Imagine my surprise when a fabulously knobbly potato face peered up at me from the crate of potatoes! Oh, to advertise the potato in the shape of Jesus’ face, the flocks of people it would bring to the farmers’ market! We laughed and laughed about it, but I bought the potato, with its goggly eyes and knobbly nose. Who can you see in this charming face?

The Jesus potato inspired my wanderings around the whole market, remembering how vegetables are supposed to look, with all their fabulous imperfections. I discovered a great looking cross carrot, and a smiling graffiti eggplant. They kept each other company in my crisper till I began gobbling them all up. The cross carrot was first to go. It went in my Nonna’s chicken noodle soup with wholemeal spelt noodles. Next up will be the smiling eggplant, to go in ratatouille and bangers with purple mash.

The purple Jesus potato and his friends

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3 Responses to The purple Jesus potato and his friends the knobbly vegetable people

  1. dana says:

    How could you eat such delightful characters, though the dishes sound sumptuous so I can understand. Ps thinking of you.

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