The bacon and egg muffin that beats the hell out of ‘clan food’!

Bacon and egg muffin

I slept in this morning. I woke up incredibly refreshed, but famished. I had aimed for a lovely healthy breakfast but needed something with a little more guts. My partner offered to make me an egg and bacon muffin and I accepted. Man, it was the best egg and bacon muffin I have ever eaten. We recently discovered a new BBQ sauce, Three Threes Family Recipe BBQ Rib Sauce. It’s incredible, full of flavour and not too sweet; all natural ingredients, made in Australia. We picked up some great aged cheddar the other day, and I tell you what the sum total of some those ingredients combined within a fresh toasted English muffin with crispy fried Bundarrawah free range bacon and a local free range egg beat the hell out of ‘clan food’*!

*Clan food is our personal nickname for a certain fast food chain

Serves 1

1 rasher free range bacon
1   free range egg
20 grams really good quality aged cheddar
2 teaspoons really good quality BBQ sauce
1   English muffin

Fry the bacon to your liking. Meanwhile, split the muffin open and toast on both sides. Spread the sauce onto one side of the muffin, add the bacon and the cheese, return to the griller and melt the cheese while cooking the egg to your liking. Add the egg to the muffin and replace the other half. Serve immediately with a glass of good orange juice.* ENJOY!

I of course drank a glass of Auddino’s, the best orange juice ever, that I pick up at the Capital Region Farmers Market.

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