A great week for beef and beautiful autumn vegetables

The highlight of the market this week was absolutely Gilmore Braes Heritage Beef. I saw a whole beef shank at their stall several weeks back and have been dreaming about it ever since. But each week I go, they have sold out by the time I arrive. This week, I arrived in time to get the last one. I think it’s going to make absolutely the best southern Italian style pasta sauce ever. The bone has holes on both ends so we should be able to get all the beautiful marrow out. Furthermore, I have been looking for beef cheeks for over a year, and was very glad to see they also had those. It was a great week for beef. They slaughter every three weeks, so for those wanting to braise some daube of your own, they tell me they should have some again the week after next.

Featherdale Chestnuts were in again. They had some tasters out, roasted of course. Not that I needed much convincing, but the roasted easy peel chestnuts sold me on a few handfuls. Heavens, they are so delicious. I’m thinking about deboning the thighof some duck marylands and stuffing them with buttered chestnuts, thyme and sage before roasting to crisp perfection. But we’ll see what I come up with. Chestnuts are so good as is. I made a beautiful chestnut gnocchi once, but haven’t been able to remember the specifics.

Windellama Organics were away, and missed. But there were still a few organic goodies around. I had wanted some baby leeks for my guinea fowl the other day, but ended up with a massive one, of which I barely used half (but made good use of the remainder in stock). I was glad to pick up a lovely bunch of biodynamic beauties from the nashi sellers in the first row.

Kale is still around, thank heavens. I love that stuff. The thyme on my windowsill has well and truly died, so I gladly picked up a beautiful perk bunch. I went back for a bunch of lovely salad onions too. I was thinking about a French style red wine braise for my beef cheeks and wanted to use some shallots, but those salad onions should do the trick, small and mild. I wanted to pick up an orange or two from Glendino’s for incorporation into a salad with my honey cured smoked duck breasts (to be posted soon). The oranges smell great and should go wonderfully in a salad later in the week.

The Greek guys in the end row had the most beautiful broccoli I’ve ever seen. We picked up one that was far too large, our eyes larger than our stomachs. It was so sculptural though, so beautiful and dramatic with a few reaching leaves still attached and such a grand size. Once I got it home, I cut it in half and shared it with our downstairs neighbour, a fun vegetarian who plays in a couple of metal bands. I hope he enjoys it as much as we will. I think he will.

Autumn vegetables from the Capital Region Farmers Market (clockwise from top left: kale, thyme, baby leeks, salad onion, chestnuts, broccoli)

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