A beautiful bounty from market

The beautiful bounty- flowers by Jonima and mushrooms from Li Sun

The rain was no deterrent to the Capital Region Farmers’ Market this morning. I picked up my usual two bags of goodies. We got some great looking meat and a range of vegetables. But one market gardener really bought it home for me when she commented on how incredibly beautiful my big bag of goodies was, with a colourful and incredibly textural tray of Li Sun mushrooms and a bouquet from the wonderful Jonima flowers.

Jonima always have a wonderful array of textural, colourful and sometimes unusual flowers. This week I picked up an incredible bunch of red white and yellow flowers with some little chillies and a purple flower that looks like elongated lavender. The colour and texture combination are fantastic. They came wrapped in brown paper, but are now in my little red and white milk bottle. I often buy a selection of mushrooms from Li Sun, but I’ve been hanging out to buy some Nameko mushrooms. He didn’t have any today, but I picked up a beautiful tray with pink and yellow oyster mushrooms, a beautiful orb of Shimeji as well as some King Browns and Shitake.

The delightful Windellama Organics were in for their last week till September. I was very glad to pick up some of their garlic and a tray of Jerusalem artichokes. I’m thinking about making soup from them. I picked up a few more De Copi chestnuts from Featherdale. I’m looking forward to using them in a Roasted duck leg stuffed with buttered roast chestnuts and herbs. I can’t wait.

Despite the fact that Lost River have opened up a great (not so) little store in Dickson, we stopped by their stall and bought a pair of lovely sirloins as well as some rich lean looking beef mince. I picked up my usual poultry fix from Thirlmere Poultry, a chicken that will likely be used to make get well soup for my beloved who is caught by the flu.

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