Truffle Day at market

French Black Truffles from Canberra

The Canberra & Capital Region truffle season runs from mid June to mid August, but the Capital Region Farmers’ Market celebrates this heavenly gift with a truffle day on 23 June. It was highly anticipated. There have been news stories of snuffles the truffle hunting dog, and restaurants around town have put on special truffle menus to celebrate the Canberra & Capital Region Truffle Festival. Truffle Day at market marks the beginning of the reign of the truffle sellers. There were two exciting truffle stalls. It is inspiring, almost mythical, to see these rare textural gastronomic blobs at my beloved market; their prickly skin hiding a mesmerising patterned interior; their earthy fragrance wafting from glass jars and display platters…

I was sad to have missed out on the truffle recipe competition, but the winner’s recipe was made by a local chef in a cooking demonstration. I am told in fact that Dream Cuisine, who make my favourite macarons, even make a truffle macaron for the occasion. I didn’t venture to their stall however, because my beautiful aromatic chunk of black truffle seemed enough for me. I can’t wait to use it. I’m thinking about making spelt ravioli filled with roast Jerusalem artichokes served with truffle butter sauce and shaved truffle.

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