Winter delights

Truffle macarons by Dream Cuisine

OK, I did it. I bought a truffle macaron. It was naughty. It is more than superfluous. Macarons are such a treat at the best of times, but with the added luxury of freshly shaved black truffle, and the matching price tag, this was more than a treat. It was heavenly. If it weren’t so pure, I would think of it as sinful. But the incredible lightness of the macaron, with the perfect crunch and lusciously smooth filling, I just couldn’t think nasty thoughts. Dream Cuisine have outdone themselves again. The macaron had a hazelnut base, paying tribute to the tree in whose roots the truffle can grow. The match was made in heaven. The result was bite after bite of divine mellowness. The fresh truffle paired so perfectly with the mildly sweet filling of the macaron. The hazelnut and truffle combination were perfectly paired for a transformationally tender earthy taste.

While my truffle macaron was truly the Saturday stand out, I bought some other lovely bits and bobs too. I was very glad to see that the recent honey bee poisoning on the NSW coast didn’t affect the delightful Honey Delight. I finally picked up a much anticipated jar of their delicious creamed honey. I purchased a bulging bunch of baby beetroot with love crisp young leaves attached. I am looking forward to roasting the beets and using the leaves in a salad. I also picked up a bunch of organic English spinach and a small half of a lovely Cinderella pumpkin from the kind folk at Ingelara. It bought a smile to my face to hear the excitement of the young girl beside me (who would be half my height) when her mother ask for a piece of Cinderella pumpkin. She squealed with delight ‘CINDERELLA pumpkin!’ she said! I leaned over and told her it would be truly delicious too. The three of us agreed it was almost a shame to eat pumpkin as beautiful as that. If my neighbours are lucky, I may make my delicious pumpkin, spinach and ricotta lasagne during the week. It is sooo delicious, and incredibly healthy.

There is a regular stall that sells cherry products. I often consider them out of the corner of my eye, but this week I decided to stop by and see what they had on offer. I tasted their cherry port and cherry wine from Torry Hill Orchards in Young. I was quite inspired. I think they would work incredibly well with duck. So, a bottle of Windarra Estate Cherry Port made its way into my colourful market bag too. I think I’ll use it for a delicious sauce to go with pan fried duck breast with crispy skin. Although I imagine it would work well with a mature cheese too, so I’ll see if I can come up with something along those lines. The benefit of buying port is that I should have plenty of time to use it.

Cinderella pumpkins by Ingelara

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