Oh, be a Saint won’t you…

Bruny Island Cheese Club Offer #07/12 (clockwise from top left) – Truffled Trckle, Tom, O.D.O., Saint, onion and black pepper relish

Oh how I love Bruny Island Cheese Company. I have blogged in the past about how I came across this fabulous cheese, and then went searching for them again for years. Well, I am now very firmly a member of the Bruny Island Cheese Club and, if the budget allows, I have the pleasure of receiving a cool pack of Bruny Island Cheeses couriered to my doorstop up to eight times a year. I usually place an order every 3-6 months because it’s such a treat. My package arrived yesterday. I received a wedge of Truffled Truckle (that I promplty shaved over a bowl of very simple spaghetti a la funghi); a tub of O.D.O (the joyous fresh cheese marinaded in olive oil); a wedge of Tom (a Bruny Island staple); and wheel of Saint.

I want to spend a little time on Saint. Saint is one of the most incredible cheeses ever. It is made in the tradition of the central French platuea. This Saint is ripened so beautifully it has a floral fragrance and an almost sweet taste. The centre of the wheel is relatively firm and dry, and the outer parts, just below the rind are mind blowingly, deliciously gooey. In short, it is incredible. I may just keep eating the wheel until it becomes my dinner.

Saint by Bruny Island Cheese Co (cute cheese knife by the Oxfam shop)

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