A wonderful morning at market

Ahh, the springtime drizzle didn’t deter the true believers at the Capital Region Farmers Market this morning, and weren’t they rewarded for it. I had a great morning. I was so excited to see Windellama Organics back from a winter in hibernation! I picked up a lovely bag of young stir fry greens from them. I have some duck breasts in the freezer, and I think I’ll do a fruity duck stir fry while my partner’s away this week, probably with plums. We picked up our usual salami selection for Monday night pizzas from Balzanelli Smallgoods. I was sad to see my mushroom man was away, but I was lucky enough to bag the last beef cheek from Manda at Gilmore Braes. I also got a blade steak that I’ll use to make beef and black bean (with broccoli) for my beloved before his trip to Victoria.

The macarons at Dream Cuisine were looking particularly beautiful this morning, and it occurred to me they had a new colour amoung them, a blue macaron. Imagine my excitement when I saw that it was bergamot flavoured! WOW! I said, ‘where on earth did you find your bergamot, I’ve been searching the country high and low!’ It was a great discovery, and perhaps I too will finally get my hands on some bergamot extract to make my long awaited Earl Grey cupcakes with bergamot and cream cheese frosting. I had to buy one of the macarons, and it was everything I’d hoped for.

fabulous fresh herbs

The Greek grocers opposite Glendino’s citrus had a full selection of lovely looking herbs, and I was hugely excited to see their trays and trays of heavenly asparagus with beautiful purple tips on them. Monday is a public holiday in Canberra, and I hope to use it to go to Sydney and visit the Sydney Fish Markets. I’ll try and pick up some fish bones to make stock, and some salmon to have in a lovely ginger salmon and asparagus soup that I’ve made with Japanese noodles. It is a delicious recipe, and very delicate.

amazing asparagus

Stopping in at Country Valley Dairy, I picked up my usual two litres of organic milk, and treated myself to a paddy of Pepe Saya’s cultured butter that I greatly appreciated on my ploughman’s lunch when I got home. I was very excited to meet Whispering Pines Organic, who are new to the market. They had a little flour mill with them, and although they didn’t have the bakers flour I was looking for, I’ll put in an order for when they return next month. I have been trying to find the best local bakers flour around Canberra. We’ve found some good ones, but none has quite met the expectations of my expert pizza maker.

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