Poached eggs with asparagus and tarragon butter

New season asparagus at the Capital Region Farmers Market

I was so excited to see the first of the asparagus at market. With the potatoes finished, I can’t have my favourite bacon potato and mushroom frittata, so I need to find a new Sunday brunch. I think this could be it. I was lucky to have a couple of sprigs of tarragon that a friend gave me. If I want this to be a regular occurrence, I’ll have to try and grow my own again, because this dish simply can not be done with dried herbs. It is a delicious way to show off the asparagus and the richness of the cultured butter with distinctive tarragon matches perfectly.

Serves 1

1/2 bunch fresh asparagus
1 tablespoon salted cultured butter
1/4 teaspoon dijon mustard
1 sprig fresh tarragon
2   eggs
2 slices bread
    salted cultured butter, additional

To make the butter, remove the tarragon leaves from the stem and roughly chop. Gather the leaves in a small pile on the chopping board and add the mustard and buter, continue chopping to combine the herbs, butter and mustard, scooping the mixture up and folding it atop itself until the ingredients are thoroughly combined, the herbs are finely chopped, and the butter is flavoured through. Mould the butter into a presentable shape.

Hold the asparagus with the tips in one hand and the ends in the other hand and bend till they snap. Discard the woody ends.

Fill a small frying pan with about 3cm of water. Bring the pan to a gentle simmer. Gently crack the eggs into the water, arranging them close together so there is room for the asparagus.  Pop the bread in the toaster. Add the asparagus to the simmering water and cook till the eggwhites are opaque.

Poached eggs with asparagus and tarragon butter

When the toast pops, butter and arrange on your serving plate. Remove the asparagus from the pan, and allow to drain a little before arranging atop your toast. Place half the asparagus with tips reaching the end of one pieces of toast (the ends may not reach all the way across) and the other half with the tips at the end of the other piece of toast. Gently remove your poached eggs from the pan with a slotted spoon and allow the water to drip away before arranging the eggs atop the asparagus. Place the moulded tarragon butter in the middle and garnish with a couple of fresh tarragon leaves.

I would recommend drinking this with a cup of French Earl Grey tea on a lovely spring morning like today.

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