Mango and lemon balm salad with whipped yoghurt

Mango and lemon balm salad with whipped yoghurt

I bought a lovely bunch of lemon balm from Windellama Organics at the market on the weekend. I love lemon balm. I used to grow it, but it didn’t survive the winter darkness of my apartment. It’s just as well lovely producers like Windellama can grow it for me. I usually put it in hot water to make a lovely fresh herbal tea. But I also use it in salsa. I couldn’t resist making a salad of mango and lemon balm with the last mango given to me by a friend. This would be a great summer dessert. I had it for breakfast. It would make a spectacular, and very substantial, breakfast atop a toasted passionfruit and coconut muesli. I’ll get back to you if I make such a muesli. I didn’t have the patience to wait long enough to make the muesli, so I enjoyed this salad as is.

Serves 1

1 mango
4 fresh lemon balm leaves
1/2 lime
1 tablespoon cream
1 tablespoon natural yoghurt
1 pinch vanilla sugar

Remove the cheeks of the mango. Score the flesh of the mango cheeks in a lattice pattern, being sure not to cut through the skin. Push on the middle of the cheeks to ‘pop’ the lattice out. Slice the cubes of mango off one cheek and leave the other for serving. Finely slice the lemon balm leaves, squeeze the juice from the lime and mix through the mango cubes. Set aside for the flavours to develop.

Whip the cream to firm peaks with a whisk. Fold through the yoghurt and vanilla sugar.

Serve the mango salad with a ‘popped’ mango cheek and a dollop of whipped yoghurt. Garnish with a tip of lemon balm.

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