Lunch at Dream Cuisine

Dream Cuisine is my favourite patisserie at the Capital Region Farmers Market. They have the most delightful sweets. You have heard me talk about their mind blowing macarons (I wrote about the citrus collection in Transition to Springtime,  and their seasonal trufffle macaron in Winter Delights). Last week I bought a croissant and filled it with Balzanelli ham and Nimbin cheese. It was great. Their chocolate brownies are to die for and the crème brulee tart is something to behold. But I knew they also made savory pastries, lunches to lick your lips over.

I don’t know Fyshwick very well, and rarely go, so it was tricky to get myself to their shop. But I had reason to go that way a few weeks ago, and called in. I was stoked that we found the place, after randomly driving the streets in a direction I felt may be right. I was then let down very suddenly when I realised everyone in town got there before me, and they’d sold out early. I was very glad when we went back today and saw an array of lovely treats in the oven. I had a truly delicious sausage roll. I understand it was filled with pork, leek, veal and thyme. It was just what I was after. My partner had a beautiful beef and beer pie that was filled with unbrowned gravy and lovely chunks of carrot, onion, celery and of course, beef. He had a perfectly strong coffee that came with a sweet little love heart in the foam. I had a refreshing peppermint tea. Of course, we had to finish with something sweet. As much as I adore the salted butter caramel macaron, in the glorious sunshine I needed something lighter, so I went for the luscious lemon macaron instead. It was the perfect choice.

I would highly recommend you visit the sweet little store and mini cafe of Dream Cuisine.

9/18 Whyalla St
ACT 2609

Phone: 02 6162 2021


Open: Monday to Friday, 6.30AM – 4PM
Saturday 9.00AM – 2.00PM
Closed Sundays and public holidays

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