Beetroot carpaccio with edible flowers

Red and white striped beetroot from Geranda Produce

This dish is all about springtime. I wanted to be able to use all the edible flowers on offer at the moment, and to highlight the beauty of the red and white striped beetroot I about at market last week. I think this recipe fits the bill perfectly. Carpaccio was initially created to highlight the use of colour by the famous artist. Though normally made with beef, the colour of beetroots certainly meets the mark. Besides, eating beetroot raw is the best way to make the most of its very high nutritional value. Beef carpaccio is often garnished with micro herbs, or shoots of some description. The delicate little flowers serve in their place here. The beautiful raspberry finishing vinegar I picked up from La Barre Olives at the Capital Region Farmers Market finishes the dish of perfectly.

Per person

1 medium sized beetroot
1 pinch salt
1 teaspoon lemon infused olive oil
2 teaspoon (approx) goat feta marinaded in pesto
1 tablespoon (approx) assorted edible flowers (chive flowers, thyme flowers, borage flowers, heartease, calendula petals)
1-2 teaspoons raspberry vinegar
grinding of pepperberries

Peel the beetroot and slice thinly on a mandoline or the long blade on your vegetable grater. Sprinkle with salt and douse in the lemon infused olive oil. Arrange the middle segments of beetroot in a circle on your serving plate. Use any desired end segments to fill in the middle of the circle. Crumble the goat cheese over the beetroot. Arrange the flowers atop the beetroot. If you have any green herbs with your flowers, such as chives or thyme, chop a little of those and scatter over the beetroot. Grind over some pepperberries and drizzle over the raspberry vinegar. Serve immediately.

Beetroot carpaccio with edible flowers

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