Crystallised violets

A bunch of violets

I’ve had my eye on the pretty little violets growing in the garden at work for a couple of weeks now. I finally started picking them to crystallise. I’d not done it before; my they turned out a treat. It’s fiddly affair, but the finished product is so pretty. Though they are a fabulous sweet and crunchy treat, I really should save them to decorate cupcakes or some such thing.

Make these when he spring flowers are out and you want to make something else using the egg yolk. You really don’t need much egg white to make these, so at the very least you should make the best use of the yolk from your egg. You’ll need a paint brush for this. I picked up a cheap natural fibre artists brush a couple of weeks ago for use with chocolate. It worked fine for this purpose too.

Makes several dozen

1 small bunch violets, unsprayed
1 egg white
1-2 tablespoon caster sugar

Set yourself up with the egg white in a small bowl, the sugar I another, and a plate on which to leave the crystallised violets to set. Using a small, clean, food safe, paint brush, thoroughly paint a violet with eggwhite. Be sure it’s totally covered. Dip the painted violet into the sugar, being careful it is entirely encased in sugar. Then transfer the violet to a plate, ensuring the petals are arranged in a desirable fashion, to set. Repeat for all your violets. Allow the violets to set overnight.

Crystallised violets

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3 Responses to Crystallised violets

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  2. Libby says:

    Love these. I’m so taken with all the edible flowers used in food pics. These are beautiful and I love that your first attempt was such a lovely success. Saw these on your vanilla and orange blossom cupcakes posted on Tea Tattler.

    • uluvsnoozan says:

      Hi Libby! Thank you! I actually came up with the cupcake recipe specifically to best use the violets. They last ages, once you’ve made them. I made rose petals too, and still have some of both. The are looking fine six months after the fact.

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