The first summer market

Saturday was the first market of summer and what a treat it was. I ordered my free range Christmas turkey from Thirlmere Poultry and collected some beautiful cranberry sauce from the award winning Cuttaway Creek in Mittagong. The sauce is home made on the farm in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. All their products have great colour, balance and flavour. I have to wait for next week to order my ham from Bundawarrah Free Range Pork, but I’ve been inspired to pick up some of the late season apples to make an apple and cherry compote to serve with cider glazed ham on Christmas day.

Holbrook Creek Eggs on sale at the Capital Region Farmers Market

Holbrook Paddock Eggs on sale at the Capital Region Farmers Market

Although I haven’t finished my last box yet, I knew I’d need to stock up on eggs for all my Christmas baking. Holbrook Paddock had run out of their much coveted double yolk eggs by the time I arrived, but I picked up a dozen eggs of 800 grams. They keep Isa Brown’s, just like my grandma used to. Their happy hens follow a mob of cows around the paddocks and are guarded by two Maremma dogs to keep them safe from predators. The girls roost and lay their eggs in portable sheds which are moved  twice a week. I just love the Holbrook Paddock Eggs stall at market. It’s so obviously all about the chooks, with a giant photograph banner behind the table of eggs, and a lovely life-sized artistic chook sitting on the blackboard. I have been wanting to buy from his small daughter who often comes with him to market, but she wasn’t in this weekend. I do love to see the little ones getting in on the action at market. Jonima Flowers often also have their kids kitted up in junior sized florist aprons serving the customers. Their maths is often better than mine, and they can’t have been at school for long!

I also stocked up on beautiful summer berries. I bought bright red cherries from Windellama Organics that look like lovely Christmas baubles waiting to hang on a tree. I picked up the most incredibly fragrant strawberries from Borenore Berry Farm in Orange. I’m going to use the smallest for my rose champagne jellies, and make strawberry coulis with the rest. I’m very excited. Of course I couldn’t go past the tasty blueberries from Clyde River. I’ve never tasted blueberries that good, and just can’t say no to them. I bought a big punnet because last time my small punnet just didn’t go far enough. I gobbled most of them as is, but used a generous handful to top a bowl of blueberry and banana super muesli, packed full of a range of superfoods.

Did you go to your local farmers market this weekend?

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  1. bizzylizzycooks says:

    Hello there Susan, love your blog, were we separated at birth?

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