Nuts about the Grampians


Grampians Grove in Moyson

The Grampians, in western Victoria, is a beautiful part of the world. I spent many of my younger years in the area. Moyston is a little town at the base of the Grampians whose claim to fame is being the birthplace of Australian Rules football. The craggy granite peaks of the Grampians provide a truly spectacular backdrop to town. Moyston is a farming town, but one wouldn’t really expect to see a nut farm. Grampians Grove has a relatively modest orchard growing lovely almonds and hazelnuts. Most excitingly, they have a lovely farm shop and café where you can buy various nut products, and other wares made by talented local craftspeople and designers. They sell their almonds and hazelnuts raw, roasted, crushed, or as meal. They also put together a hazelnut pancake mix and one for orange and almond cake.


Orange and almond cake

It is such a treat to have a lovely place to go for a good cup of tea and slice of cake in a small town. There is a most exquisite playground for those with little ones. It includes a pirate ship, fairy house, outdoor skittles game, bocce, and minigolf. I had a slice of orange and almond cake with a good scoop of whipped cream, and a very good hot chocolate. Sitting outside, with the birds and the sun is a great treat. In the couple of hours we were there, we saw five different types of parrots, including a Crimson Rosella feeding an adolescent.

I’ve been thinking about their hazelnut pancake mix since the last time I was there. I bought a packet of that, a generous amount of almond meal (which I find myself using lots of), some crushed hazelnuts (with which I will be experimenting) and a packet of Mt Zero quinoa. Mt Zero deserves a post all of its own, so that’s one for another time. You really should make the effort to go out to Moyston, or drop by on your way through. I’m nuts about the Grampians, but Grampians Grove nuts are fabulous.

Hazelnuts at Grampians Grove

Hazelnuts at Grampians Grove

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