Valentines on Lonsdale

The Elk & Pea

The Elk & Pea

My partner took me for a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner tonight to a great little restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for a couple of weeks. The Elk & Pea is a funky little place on the increasingly fabulous Lonsdale Street in Braddon. It has great décor befitting of its name – pea referring to the peacock and peahen, not the vegetable. The beautiful birds and elk adorn the walls and wait staff. But it was the menu that attracted me to the place.

Caribbean and South American inspired food make for varied and exciting choices. I was tempted by the goat enchilada, but I knew before we even arrived I wanted jerk chicken. I wasn’t disappointed. The slow cooked chicken pieces in herbs and spice had a surprising freshness. It was served with a wonderful almond puree and a little coriander. It was fantastic. We also shared a plate of wickedly luscious pork spare ribs that were gooey, mildly sweet and slightly spicy, but not hot.

Strawberry mousse with macerated strawberries

Strawberry mousse with macerated strawberries

Although I’d eyed off the crème caramel with strawberry granita, after a devilishly good, but rich and meaty meal I opted for the dessert special: strawberry mousse. It was a fine choice. I was served a beautiful glass of strawberries, macerated in black pepper, basil and strawberry liqueur. Atop the strawberries were little clouds of heavenly strawberry mouse layered with ground pepitas for a lovely mild crunch. Several pieces of perfectly crisp tasty meringue and a sprig of fragrant basil topped the glass. It was a saintly dessert, most suitable to the occasion.

I would highly recommend The Elk & Pea. Every single plate that passed our table looked fabulous. There is a great range to choose from for breakfast lunch or dinner. I will certainly be returning.

Valentine flat white at The Elk & Pea

Valentine flat white at The Elk & Pea

The Elk & Pea
21 Lonsdale Street
Braddon ACT

Phone: (02) 6162 0222

Opening hours:
Sunday: 0800-1430
Tuesday-Wednesday: 0800-2200
Thursday-Saturday: 0800-2300


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