CRFM croissant

CRFM croissant

CRFM croissant

I had a wonderful morning at the Capital Region Farmers Market today. I stopped for some lovely conversations with stallholders including the wonderful wabbit hunting Mark Dureau (I picked up another plump wild rabbit). I had a lovely chat with Louisa Crisp and David Snibson at Highland Organics and picked up a block of their St Laurent Tasty cheese. With that treasure in my basket, I couldn’t say no to a croissant from the always wonderful Dream Cuisine. These croissants are perfectly flaky and beautifully buttery. I went back to Balzanelli Smallgoods (after already buying salami for Monday night pizza toppings) for a couple of slices of their beautiful ham. Thus, my CRFM croissant was born. It’s wonderful to take the best produce from a place and bring it together in a simple treat like this. I appreciatively ate mine at the table adorned with the beautiful yellow Grevillia I bought from the ever stylish Jonima Flowers.

Per person

1 Dream Cuisine croissant
2 slices Balzanelli Smallgoods’ ham
25 grams St Laurent Tasty cheese, sliced

Preheat the griller to medium.

Using a serrated knife, gently slice the croissant in half horizontally. Arrange the ham on the bottom half of the croissant, and arrange the cheese atop the ham. Place under the griller and cook till the cheese is melted. Top with the top of the croissant and return to the griller to toast (just a minute or two).

Serve immediately at a table set with fresh flowers.

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