Rolled omelette with silverbeet and cheese

Rolled omelette stffed with silverbeet and cheese

Rolled omelette with silverbeet and cheese

As a kid, silverbeet was part of our everyday life. Others may call it Swiss chard, or something else entirely, but to me it has always been silverbeet.  It was till my twenties that I discovered spinach and incorporated it into my diet. I don’t quite know why, it’ just the way it happened. My grandparents used to grow silverbeet in their lovely, and huge, vegetable garden. When my mother and I moved into a place we could grow our own, we too started growing it. I was very impressed by the rainbow variety. But at some point in my early teens I started to turn my nose up at its bitterness. The way to fix this was, of course, to melt cheese through it once it was wilted. It was this idea that inspired my breakfast this morning. I picked up a beautiful bunch of silverbeet at the farmers market on the weekend, so all I need do was grate over a little St Laurent Tasty cheese from Highland Organics and roll it up in an omelette.

Serves 1

1 teaspoon butter
3   silverbeet leaves (with stalks)
20 grams tasty cheese, grated
1 pinch salt
2   eggs

Separate the stalks from the leaves of silverbeet and finely slice. Melt the butter in a large, non stick frying pan. When its sizzling add the stalks and cook for a few minutes. When they are tender, add the leaves and cook till just wilted. Sprinkle with salt and set aside.

Beat the eggs on at a time. When the frying pan is hot, add one egg, quickly swirling it around the pan to make a thin, crepe like omelette. Lay half the silverbeet down one edge of the omeltete and sprinkle over half the grated cheese. Roll the omelette up and arrange on a serving plate.

Repeat the process with the remaining ingredients.

Serve immediately.

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