Parties at the Shops

Party at the (Lyneham) Shops

Party at the (Lyneham) Shops

As part of the centenary celebrations, Canberra is throwing Parties at the Shops. Tonight is Lyneham’s turn, and man, have they put on a show. Get little asses down there.

The Lyneham butcher are cooking up the best (Country Pride) sausages in town, with proceeds going to a good cause, and tomato sauce coming from the nose of yellow troll (that is NOT a euphemism people), they have a wicked sauce dispenser.

I am very impressed by Mamasaurus Makes’ range of Canberra centenary cupcakes. The selection included Black Mountain Velvet and Brumbies Passion(fruit). But I couldn’t decide between Royal Australian Mint Choc Chip and Centenary Champagne, so I ended up with one of each!

There’s also a good selection of art type stuff, and April has her caravan out on display. The lovely ladies from Rhubarb & Me are puttiing their usual flair to peoples hair in funky big chairs out on the footpath.

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One Response to Parties at the Shops

  1. Lovely to see so many familiar faces 🙂

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