My yabby Saturday

I’d not have thought that this wonderful Saturday would turn into a wonderful yabby Saturday, but it did.

My day began today, woken by my telephone. ABC 666 Canberra were calling for me to tell them about a yabby recipe. Tamara, the manager of the Capital Region Farmers Market had told everyone there would be fresh yabbies at market this week, and ABC wanted a recipe for them. I was more than happy to oblige, providing them with my recipe for yabby salad with fingerlime and pepperberry dressing. It’s so delicious, and a simple, tasty way to pay homage to the native food of Australia, including our delicious fresh water crustacean.

Though the day began overcast, the weather soon fined up, and made for a wonderful  market morning. I had a great trip chatting with all my favourite producers. When I arrived at Glendino’s I had a chat about yabbies, and oranges, and picked up a lovely orange juice slushy. Of course, I had to buy some yabbies! They were precooked, packed in perfect packets of 250 grams. Upon tasting, it became apparent they were cooked very recently, and cooked to perfection, not that I ever doubted him.

Not quite sure what I’d do with the haul, I picked up my usual loaf of crunchy Italian bread from Dom’s, the rest of my stores for the week and came home overflowing with delicious produce.

Reflecting upon my radio debut this morning, I thought I should have been more precise with my recipe, having incorrectly assumed there would be a connection made with the recipe on my website. But you know what, yabby recipes certainly don’t need to be precise.

When I recovered my strength, it occurred to me I could make a delicious yabby lunch for myself, bringing it back to the basics. I had a little mizuna (my new favourite salad leaf) in the fridge from Gleann Na Meala/Choku Bai Jo. I could add that to a sandwich made with fresh crunchy Dom’s bread, spread with my favourite mayonnaise, and simply filled with yabby tails. What a treat it was!

Of course, these little packs of precooked yabbies also lend themselves to be taken straight to a picnic by the lake, or some other lovely location. You could just as easily use them in my yabby salad recipe. But I was perfectly happy with my yabby sandwich.

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