Birthday biscotti

My partner’s father turned eighty recently. I wanted to make something for his birthday. He’s Italian, and can appreciate the finer things in life, particular those lovely classic Italian treats. I hoped he might like a selection of homemade biscotti. I figured they’d package well, and post well too. I came up with four different flavour combinations: chocolate and hazelnut, cherry and dark chocolate, honey and almond, and pistachio and orange. I thought four different flavours would look nice in a gift box. It’s very hard to pick a favourite flavour combination and I hoped he’d like them all.

I picked up a cardboard gift box from a local party supplier. The colour I chose was on sale, which was an added bonus. With a little cellophane, a pretty (but appropriately masculine) ribbon and a handmade tag, it was a gift to go. While sometimes the thought and effort matters, I hope the content was well received too. From what I understand, both the biscuits and presentation were very well received and I’m very glad for it. Next time there’s a special event coming up in your family, why don’t you think about making an edible gift for your loved one. I’m sure it would be appreciated.

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