I watched Chocolat again this evening. I enjoyed it so much the first time through I played it again. It’s one of my favourite films. I have 25 DVDs in my collection. If I want a new film, another must go. Chocolat has been in the collection for a long time. I find it to be a personal and culinary inspiration. I too believe in the power of chocolate.

I have been revisiting the diverse flavours of Mexican chillies the past few days. Vianne’s hot chocolate with ‘a special kind of chilli pepper’ makes my imagination soar. What, pray tell, type of chilli pepper, may that be? But it’s the roast turkey with chocolate sauce that most inspires me. I would very much like to recreate it in my own kitchen. I may just buy the book so I can recreate these wonderful dishes as part of my pages to plate series. I imagine rubbing a fresh turkey with cocoa butter and roasting it to golden perfection. Perhaps I could just do it with the wings for a more manageable meal. But what would I put in that incredible sauce that is poured over the crisp skinned poultry? I think it would need to include dark chocolate; guajillo, mulato and ancho chillies; slow cooked onion and garlic; peppercorns; bay leaves and turkey stock. What else do you think?

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3 Responses to Chocolat

  1. We usually add cinnamon and cloves, sometimes raisins. If we don’t have access to proper Mexican chillies we find using powered cayenne pepper – rather than standard dried chilli flakes – is better for trying to imitate the original intense smokey burn.

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