Dreaming of Berrima

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I first visited Berrima a month or so ago when we went foraging for mushrooms in the pine forest. We stopped for breakfast at the Berrima General Store and I knew I had to go back. The General Store was wonderful, breakfast was delicious, and the town was beautiful. That day I had the big breakfast and my friends had the Middle Eastern breakfast. Both were wonderful, the Middle Eastern one being the creative option, suitable for the vegetarians and incredibly tasty.

Pot of masala chai

Pot of masala chai

I jumped at the chance to go back to Berrima for a day trip on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. I’ve been keeping up with the Berrima General Store on facebook and they had loads of tasty treats to tantalise my tastebuds.  I had my eye on a house-made shepherd’s pie, or some lamb shank soup, but when I arrived Alex was good enough to inform me that the latest Phatt Duck Pie flavour was cassoulet. I didn’t take much convincing. Phatt Duck had been hunting for the right sausages for ages, and the pies contained duck from my favourite poultry producers, Thirlmere Poultry. The pastry was faultlessly crisp. Filled with a good quantity of vegetables as well as the cannellini beans, the filling was perfectly spiced. It came served with a suitably simple salad and great onion relish. I ordered a pot of tea, suitably impressed with the fragrant blend of their masala chai. It was prepared perfectly, in a pot of steaming milk and left to brew before being bought to the table with a cup and saucer, strainer and dish of honey.

Lunch alone was worth the journey but Berrima is a beautiful town. Despite the dreary weather, we explored a little. It’s my kind of place actually; a small town, full of beautiful old stone buildings. Berrima has a very interesting history. Established in 1831, Berrima is Australia’s only existing preserved Georgian town. There are some lovely taverns in town. There’s a beautiful old sandstone place for lease. I’ve been dreaming about it. I’d love to run weekend cooking workshops there. People could come from Sydney or Canberra and stay in a B&B. We could get a duck each and spend the weekend cutting it up, making delicious meals from each of its parts. Towards Christmas I could run gingerbread cathedral workshops. How fun it could be… I can keep dreaming.

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3 Responses to Dreaming of Berrima

  1. Nice post Susan. Great images.

  2. I attended two boarding schools near Berrima, so knew it well when I was a kid. Used to love staying there. We’ll come down for your cooking weekend 🙂

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