Friendship hamper

Friendship is a funny thing isn’t it? In the past week I’ve been lucky enough to visit a very dear friend of mine, with whom I’ve been dear friends for many, many years. But I have also said goodbye to a new friend whom I’ve known for months. The latter of these two came to Canberra to temporarily fill a vacancy in our team at work. I knew from the moment she began I’d like her. That initial impression was indeed very true. Most notably, we went foraging for wild mushrooms together. But there are many things I like about her, including her strength, communication style, appreciation for food and ability to articulate the value she sees in others. I imagine we will catch up next time we are in the same city again, but I hope to work closely with her again in the future.

Friendship hamper

Friendship hamper

To accompany her on her drive back to Melbourne, I wanted to prepare a picnic hamper highlighting the wonderful goodies on offer at the Capital Region Farmers Market. I also wanted to makes sure she didn’t need to stop at Hungry Jacks on the way home. I was very glad with the hamper I came up with. It included:

  • A salad of heirloom cherry tomatoes from Cool Climate Produce and Ligurian style olives from Homeleigh Grove with a jar of La Barre ‘Novello’ (first press) olive oil and Murray River salt flakes and fresh ground black pepper to taste;
  • Mizuna salad from Windellama Organics with red and green mizuna and a dressing of white balsamic and leatherwood honey mustard;
  • A slice of Jensen’s Red cheese from Tarago River;
  • Two slices of fresh Dom’s Italian crusty bread;
  • To drink, a mandarin juice from Glendino’s;
  • For something sweet, a selection of mini macarons from Dream Cuisine – chocolate, salted caramel and of course the season specialty hazelnut and truffle
  • Lastly, to snack along the way: a bag of sugar and spice almonds from Shingle Hill Estate, and a little Fuji apple from Hilltop Orchards.

All of this fit beautifully in a shiny red box with a white lid; the perfect little package for a car journey.

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2 Responses to Friendship hamper

  1. Jennie-lee says:

    Oh my gosh that is beautiful! Wish someone would put together something like this for me!

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