Potato, bacon and brussel sprout frittata

Possibly the only good thing about not going to the farmers market on Saturday morning is that I could stay  in bed until I figure out what I want to make for breakfast. This morning I toyed with classic creamy scrambled eggs with fresh parsley on local Bread Nerds’ sourdough. But I had three new season brussel sprouts left over from my dinner a few nights ago. They are tender at sweet. I got out of bed when I realised I was going to make a potato and bacon frittata with brussel sprouts for breakfast. I was excited.

Per person

2 teaspoons butter
1-2 rashers bacon
1 large potato
2 brussel sprouts
1 pinch freshly ground pepper
2 free range eggs

Slice the bacon rashers into battons. Melt the butter in a small non stick saucepan. I use my milk pan. If you are increasing the recipe for more than one, you could use a larger pan, finish the frittata in the oven or griller and serve it in slices. Fry the bacon in the butter on a low heat.

Meanwhile, cook the potato. I pierce the skin all over and cook it in the microwave. You can use leftover cooked potato, or parboil it in its skin. Cut the potato into slices about a centimetre thick, then into chunks. Add the potato to the bacon and cook till it begins to crisp and golden on the outside.

Meanwhile, remove the leaves from the brussel sprouts. When you get to the middle, where the leaves are very tender and interwoven, cut the hearts into two or three slices.

When the potato pieces are golden and crisp, add the pepper to the pan and toss. Lay the brussel sprout hearts, then the leaves on top of the bacon and potato. Crack the eggs into a bowl, beat and pour into the pan. Cover the pan and turn the heat to very low. Cook till the egg is set. Serve immediately.

Potato, bacon and brussel sprout frittata

Potato, bacon and brussel sprout frittata

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2 Responses to Potato, bacon and brussel sprout frittata

  1. Libby says:

    Looks fabulous Susan. I bought Brussels today because of you 🙂

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