Slow cooker lamb shoulder

20130828-171558.jpgA friend of mine recently informed me that you can roast meat in a slow cooker. We’d been talking about how wonderful slow cookers are you see, so it seemed like something you would bring up right? Well, to me, this was a serious revelation. I’ve only ever made soups, stews and braises in the slow cooker you see. I’ve been dreaming about what meat I’d roast in my slow cooker ever since.

The idea came to me during my usual weekly shop at the Capital Region Farmers Market. Moorlands Lamb sell their biodynamic cuts (or whole beasts if you order in advance) at the market once a month. They are a wonderful case study of land regeneration in Australia. Several generations ago, the farm was the first in Australia to use Round Up. But since then, the land has been restored and produces some seriously tasty lamb. Indeed, I was very glad to see that Moorlands Lamb are a finalist in the ABC Delicious Magazine Produce Awards. They certainly deserve it. I bought myself a shoulder of lamb to slow cook and serve in Greek-Australian inspired wraps. I’d love to see how you’d use this incredible dish.

Serves 4



lamb shoulder, bone in



dried oregano



lemon myrtle (optional)






roasted garlic*



olive oil

*I keep whole cloves of roasted garlic in the freezer for use whenever I like. If you don’t have this pleasure, I would recommend that you par-cook your cloves.

Rub the lamb with oregano, lemon myrtle, salt and olive oil. Cut some deep incisions into the meat and fill each with a clove of garlic. Refrigerate the meat overnight.

Next morning, place a skillet on a high heat. When the pan is hot, brown the lamb all over. Turn off the heat and transfer the lamb to the slow cooker and cover with the lid.

Turn the slow cooker on high and cook the lamb for 6-8 hours, turning once if possible.

When you are ready to eat, pull the lamb away from the bones and serve as desired.

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