Slow cooker lamb shoulder wraps

I made slow cooker lamb shoulder specifically to serve in these wraps. The lamb was incredible, but these wraps were superb. Sometimes I think that this kind of food is cheating because it is so very very simple. You will see how simple the slow cooker lamb shoulder is to prepare in my earlier post. Then all you have to do is add some wonderful salad ingredients to lighten the palate and create this amazingly tasty meal. I used the labne that my friend Rosa makes and sells at the Capital Region Farmers Market, then simply rolled it in fresh herbs. Then all you have to do is chop up some tomatoes and cucumber! Give it a shot. You know you want to.

Makes 4 wraps (serve 2-4 people)





fresh mint leaves, firmly packed



fresh parsley, firmly packed


flat bread of your choice

slow cooker lamb shoulder


small cucumber



baby spinach


Finely chop the mint and parsley. Roll the labne in the fresh herbs, then roll them on a clean surface to secure the herbs to the labne. Refrigerate until desired.

Slice the cucumber into sticks. Slice the tomato into wedges. Wash the baby spinach leaves (if required).

If desired, preheat a chargrill and heat the flat bread to soften and slightly char.

Lay the flat bread on serving plates. Arrange the herbed labne, baby spinach, tomato and cucumber on the flat bread. Pull the lamb shoulder from the bone in large chunks and arrange on the flat bread. Squeeze over a little lemon juice and serve.

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3 Responses to Slow cooker lamb shoulder wraps

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  2. Claire Middleton says:

    slow cooked a lamb shoulder overnight – all ready to go for lunch today. Brilliant! Thanks for the idea.

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