Parsley and walnut pesto

Making parsley and walnut pesto

Making parsley and walnut pesto

I made this to top some lamb and freekeh soup. It was so delicious I figured it was worth considering on its own. I love the soft herbs that come back with spring and had a good supply in my fridge this week. I decided the freshness of parsley would really liven up my soup, and I had some local walnuts in the fridge (yes, nuts keep longer and much better in the fridge), so parsley and walnut ‘pesto’ it was! This is dairy free, because I really didn’t think it needed cheese. Unlike basil, parsley won’t go brown , but I imagine this would store well in the fridge, covered with a layer olive oil in a sealed container, for a few days. I think it would be great on pasta, perhaps with some seafood.

Makes ½ – 1 cup



presh parsley, roughly chopped



garlic (I used roasted, you could use young garlic if you like






lemon infused olive oil (optional)

olive oil

Pound the parsley, garlic and salt in a mortar and pestle, when it’s ground to a course paste add the lemon olive oil and combine. Then add the olive oil till you have your desired consistency, how much you add will also depend on how big your bunch of parsley was. I’d probably start with a tablespoon and go from there. I kept mine quite chunky because it was going on soup.


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4 Responses to Parsley and walnut pesto

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  2. this sounds interesting how did it turn out!

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