Foodie farewell

I have spent the last two years working in a fantastic job. It has been both challenging and extremely rewarding time intellectually, professionally and personally. It’s a job I worked to get for a long time and now it’s over. I have made some great friends and was joyed by the personal and professional blessings given upon my departure. Indeed, I was spoiled rotten and am incredibly grateful. I was given a beautiful set of miniature Scanpan copper saucepans, the cutest teapot you have ever seen, a bouquet of homegrown herbs and vegetables, and a box of home-laid eggs. All my colleagues wrote messages inside a wonderful cupcake cookbook as well as a card and we had a wonderful morning tea.

I’ve posted many recipes on this blog for dishes I’ve taken for our Friday morning teas. My favourite thing to take is cupcakes and I’ve built up quite a little collection of original recipes. Sometimes I make something up from ingredients I have lying around. One time I took ratatouille and parmesan filo cups. The potato and mushroom cups I took once went down a treat. Most recently I made a potato and rosemary slice with cheese and bacon topping. This week I took date and ginger cupcakes. Because my work is split over two offices, I have one more farewell. With no office staff to eat my cupcakes, I think there will be fewer of those thereafter. But hopefully this marks the page of a new chapter if my life. Here’s hoping. In the meantime – happy cooking!

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4 Responses to Foodie farewell

  1. Chas Spain says:

    Good luck on your next endeavour / adventure?

  2. Fig & Quince says:

    Your photography is sumptuous as well! Love the card and the herb/veggied tied with a ribbon! 🙂 Best of luck with your next chapter of life. May it be delicious and pretty and rewarding.

    • Susan says:

      Thanks Azita! I’m old school, I still have film in my camera, so all my blog photos are taken with my mobile phone. I was so spoiled by the farewell gifts they gave me. I felt very loved. Fingers crossed for the next chapter! xo

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