Beef ribs with Worcestershire sauce

I was shopping for beef at my usual place, Gilmore Braes Heritage Beef at the Capital Region Farmers Market, and came across a lovely set of ribs taken from the Scotch. I have to say, they looked pretty damned special so I decided to have them for my birthday dinner. The lovely chap at La Barre produces a wonderful Worcestershire sauce. I’ve been wanting an excuse to buy it for ages. Indeed, I’ve been specifically refusing to buy the supermarket stuff. But the two would be so perfect together I couldn’t resist. This is a very simple dish, made amazing from great produce. I’d suggest you try it some time. If you want these ribs from Manda at Gilmore Braes, you’ll have to get in quick, and/or order them from her because she only has one pack a week.

Serves 1 generously, or two as a starter

400 grams beef ribs from the Scotch
1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce
additional Worcestershire sauce

Marinade the ribs in Worcestershire sauce overnight. The next morning, remove the ribs from the sauce and pat dry (reserve the marinading juices). Brown the ribs in a very hot frying pan and transfer to a slow cooker with the marinading liquid. Cook on the high setting for five or more hours. Serve drizzled with a little extra Worcestershire sauce.

I served mine with honey roasted carrots; they paired perfectly.


Beef ribs with Worcestershire sauce


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