Australia Day at Hobart’s Farm Gate Market

If you haven’t gathered by now, I’m a bit of a nut for farmers markets. Coming from a Tasmania family, I follow and really appreciate Tasmanian produce. I’ve always loved Salamanca Market, but it’s not a food market. I have been dreaming about visiting Hobart’s Farm Gate Market for over a year now. I’m so glad it has continued to grow and flourish over its four year life. Well, today, Australia Day 2014 was the first time I was able to visit. It certainly didn’t disappoint.

The food stalls were impressive in terms of quality and variety. There was paella, burritos, charcoal roasted lamb ribs, gourmet sausages and more. Having not quenched my thirst before leaving home, I was very glad to see ‘Ice Ice Baby’ selling cups of crushed ice with homemade seasonal fruit syrups. I ordered a small cup with peach syrup. It was amazing and very peachy.

I was very excited to meet Ross O’Meara from Bruny Island Foods, and buy some wallaby from him. I bought rump to stir fry and tail to slow cook. I’ve also been salivating over the fine dairy produce from Elgaar farm, and was very happy to see them at the market in their cheesy glory. I bought a bottle of cream, a jar of the most delicious apple and cinnamon yoghurt, some incredible air dried mozzarella (I didn’t even know you could do that to mozzarella), and a wedge of their organic meadow cheese.

As for unplanned and known producers, there was a large range of berries on offer. We bought a punnet of josterberries berries – a cross between black current and gooseberries. I bought a some goat belly and a wonderful selection of vegetables. We sampled some delicious Lost Pippin cider and walked away with a long neck of still perry and a four pack of sparkling cider… the perfect drink for a warm Australia Day in Tasmania.

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3 Responses to Australia Day at Hobart’s Farm Gate Market

  1. Liz Posmyk of Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things says:

    Wonderful! Peter’s been to this market, Susan, but it’s still on my wish list. Glad you enjoyed it so much.

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