Chinese style haw-sin sauce (product description)

Haw-sin sauce

Haw-sin sauce

This is a complex, sweet and sour Chinese style barbeque sauce with body and depth of flavour. Made with wild hawthorn berries, it has a subtle fruitiness like quince or apple (to which the hawthorn is related). It is mildly spiced with a good umami hit.  I designed this sauce to serve with duck, but it would make amazing sticky pork ribs. Hawthorns are incredibly good for heart health. I find it cheekily ironic to serve this sauce with such rich foods, but I guess the Chinese would actually consider that good balance in a meal. I am inclined to agree. It would also be great used as a stir fry sauce. It will keep for a year, but should be refrigerated once opened.

Volume: 250 millilitres

Ingredients: hawberries, sugar, black Chinese vinegar, cinnamon, star anise, pepper.


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    Hi Susan, I just retweeted this this to twitter. Do you have a Twitter account that can be referred to when retweeting your blog?

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