Can I sell you something wild this silly season?

I had a very successful stall at the Canberra Environment Centre Eco Elves Night Market on Friday. I sold all sorts of yummy goodies food made from foraged fruit and herbs, and some baked Christmas treats.

Would you like to give some handmade gifts this year? Well, I still have a range of items on offer. Some items are the same as last year, but I have some new items too. I found a massive mulberry tree, and some incredible plums that you’ll see make an appearance. I’ve also added an all natural Chai syrup to solve Bizzy Lizzy’s frustration about terrible powdered chai lattes. I hate them too. This stuff is all natural, sweetened with local honey. All you have to do is dilute it in your choice of milk to make an iced chai, or a steaming chai latte. I’ve even expanded into skincare; it’s so good you could eat it! 😛 Here’s the product and price list, follow the links to find out more about a product.

Category Item Volume Price Notes
Cordial Rosehip 750ml 9.00 High in vitamin C
Lemon 750ml 9.00
Chai 250ml 8.00 Sweetened with only honey, just add milk
Jam/jelly Plum & cinnamon 300ml 8.00 Plums picked in Braddon
Grapefruit marmalade 300ml 8.00
Hawthorn & rosemary 190ml 7.00 Great with cheese & cold meat
Sauce Mulberry & red wine 250ml 8.00 Mulberries picked in Braddon
Haw-sin 250ml 8.00 Great with pork belly, duck or tofu
Plum & ginger 250ml 8.00 Chicken fish or broccoli
Herbal teabags Sniffle snuffer 8 bags 7.00 To help fight cold & flu
Rosehip 10 bags 7.00 Packed with vitamin C and other antioxidants
Lemony 10 bags 7.00
Other Preserved lemons 190ml 6.00 For Moroccan cooking
Wild fennel & lemon pesto 190ml 7.00 Vegan
Grapefruit sherbet 20ml 1.00
Skincare Vanilla lip balm 15ml 5.00
Tropical lip balm 15ml 5.00
Rosehip night serum 50ml 15.00 Very nourishing, anti-aging, packed with antioxidants

If you’re in Canberra, we can arrange a pick-up/delivery. If you’re not in Canberra, I’m more than happy to pack and post your items. Postage is calculated by the weight of the items. Get in touch with the form below

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