$100 Christmas challenge at the Capital Region Farmers Market

Imagine my excitement to be offered a chance to participate in a $100 Christmas challenge at my beloved Capital Region Farmers Market, Canberra! Sometimes people think that shopping at the market is too expensive. Well, I normally spend $50 per week on my groceries which are exclusively sourced from the Capital Region Farmers Market. I eat very well on that budget. I have plenty of money saving tips to show how I do that. You can find them in my Savings Tips post. But I want to show you the Christmas meal I have planned this year, completely sourced at the Capital Region Farmers Market.

I’m having roast goose this year. I’m very excited. It’s the first time I’ll have eaten goose… ever! I love trying new things. Goose was a traditional English Christmas meal before turkeys came from the New World. My Christmas with Dad always involves ham and turkey. I love it. But this year, we’re having two Christmas: he and my step-Mum are putting one on while his brother-in-law is in town. So that frees me up to cook whatever my little heart desires! I’ve ordered my free range goose from Thirlmere Poultry who are still taking orders at the market this weekend. The geese are $28 per kilo. I’ll collect it at the last market for the year, on Saturday 20 December. I think I’m going to take my queue from Rick Stein for roasting the goose. But I think I’ll make my own stuffing recipe. I’m toying with the idea of orange and walnut.

At more than $70, my goose will be the main affair. I don’t think we need to go crazy with two big Christmas meals anyway. So the rest of the meal will be kept very simple: a few roast veggies, some podded peas and maybe a simple salad. I have to have goose fat potatoes, I’m told they are the best kind of roast potatoes, and I might have baked carrot too. I’ll definitely be buying a bag of peas in the pod for $5. For dessert I think we’ll just have fresh cherries and Frugii ice cream. I can’t wait!

What are you cooking for Christmas?

The $100 Christmas challenge was hosted by Three Sides Marketing. I received $100 gift voucher and tour of the market as part of the challenge. Check out my fellow participants online and on social media:


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10 Responses to $100 Christmas challenge at the Capital Region Farmers Market

  1. lizzygoodthings says:

    So glad you get to cook your goose, Susan! Delicious.

  2. shenANNAgans says:

    Wawhoooo…. What a fun way to spend the morning huh Susan? 🙂 I had a ball!
    Cant wait to see how your goose turns out, especially with the walnut, orange zest stuffing, or the rosemary onion stuffing. LOL! Also, thanks heaps for the shout out, you rock! 🙂
    Have a rippa weekend my friend.

  3. Susan says:

    Lol. I wonder what flavour stuffing I’ll end up with hey! It was a fun way to spend the morning Anna. My pleasure about the shout out.

    I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend. I hope you have a fun one! xo

  4. Tina Deasey says:

    Was this the group that was standing near the front of the Markets on saturday morning blocking my way to get my coffee from the coffee yelling wake up call man?

  5. Tina Deasey says:

    I sure did 🙂

  6. Eileen says:

    Can’t wait to see how your goose turns out, Susan!!

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