Wild rice paper rolls

I was recently inspired by a Food for Hunters post on Vietnamese Spring Rolls filled with teal. I knew I had to make an Australian wild food version of this delicious Vietnamese favourite. I wanted to fill them with yabbies and native herbs, and serve them with a dipping sauce based on my wild haw-sin sauce. I was excited to be able to order Outback Pride’s fresh river mint, a beautifully versatile and suitably soft Australian native mint from the Something Wild online store. I included wild karkalla (a beach vegetable I know as pig face) in place of cucumber. With rice noodles and thinly sliced carrot, I had the perfect wild filling for my rice paper rolls. I actually think it would be easy to make a great vegetarian version of these by replacing the yabbies with strips of a simple omelette, made with a pinch of salt, sugar and a splash of soy sauce, fried in a hot oiled pan.

Makes 12 rolls (about 4 serves)

Rice paper rolls

grams dried rice noodles
1 kilogram cooked yabbies
1 carrot
50 grams fresh karkalla
25 grams fresh river mint
12 rice paper sheets

Dipping sauce

1/3 cup haw-sin sauce*
1 tablespoon crunchy peanut butter
1 splash fish sauce
½ lime, juice of

*You can use ordinary hoisin sauce if you don’t have any of my wild haw-sin.

To make the dipping sauce, combine the haw-sin sauce and peanut butter until thoroughly combined, add the fish sauce and lime juice to taste. Set aside.

Prepare the rice noodles according to the directions on the packet.

Remove the tail meat from the yabbies. Discard the head and tail shells. Make an incision down the back of the tails, and remove the intestinal tract.

If you have a mandolin, use it to cut the carrot into fine matchsticks. I peeled mine into ribbons with my vegetable peeler, and then cut them into matchsticks.

Make one roll at a time. Soak a sheet of rice paper in water briefly, let it rest to soften. I use a sushi matt to make my rolls, so I let the rice paper soften on the matt. When the rice paper is pliable, place a handful of rice noodles near the edge closest to you and top with a portion of carrot. Tightly roll the paper around the noodles, about half way up the sheet. You want to add the remaining ingredients when there is enough room for just one more wrap of rice paper to hold them in, while making them easy to see.

Arrange a good layer of river mint leaves over the top of the roll, then lay down a layer of karkalla. Lastly, arrange three yabby tails atop the herbs. Tightly cover your arrangement with rice paper. Tightly fold in the edges of the rolls, then close over the end of the roll.

Repeat for the remaining rolls. Serve with dipping sauce.


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  1. Yabbies! Yumm! Looking good 🙂
    Happy New Year to you! You have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award – for inspiring & motivating me throughout the year. I love participating and being a part of the foodie community with you. Acceptance is purely optional, but if you’re keen please check out this post:

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